Moon Shine Products originated in 1969, named in honor of Neil Armstrong. Since then, Moon Shine Products has strived to make a high quality cleaning product that is not harmful on you, but tough on spills, stains, dirt, and bacteria.

For over 40 years, many satisfied customers agree; Moon Shine Cleaning Products are a safe and effective alternative to many cleaners found on the market today. Each product is Multi-Purpose and Multi-Surface, meaning all three products compliment each other and are designed to triumph. Formulated with quality you can depend on, just spray and wipe cleanMoon Shine Products’ unique blend of ingredients delivers maximum cleaning power; leaving a clean, safe, and fresh scent. Our three products may be all you need to easily conquer your cleaning chores.

Heavy duty, nonabrasive foam stays where sprayed eliminating any dirt. The special formulated, non-splatter foam gently clings to the surface without dripping making your cleaning easier. Safely cuts through and removes residues, getting to the original surface, by working at the surface level and leaving a beautiful shine. Products do not leave a film or build up, so the surface stays clean longer. Products will not smudge or streak.

Why Use Our Products

They work! Oh, and also, we have been family owned and operated since 1969, so we can guarantee you quality. Moon Shine Products have always and will always be made in the USA.